Following on from the single ‘Conspiracy’, I’ve released a three track EP ‘Level 1’ on digital services today. It contains a longer version of ‘Conspiracy’, sandwiched between the synth drenched ‘How Long Should I Wait’ and ‘Quiz Team.’

My plan is to follow this up with two more three-track EPs. If things go well, I might throw another track in and badge it up as a physical album.

As you’ll see from the artwork, there’s very much a video game aesthetic going on, but it’s not a chiptune-fest. I’ve really enjoyed playing with some synth sounds and I love building up uncomplicated layers of music. After spending years railing against the 80s and being a snob, I recognise that bands like Erasure, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The Cure and <INSERT YOUR FAVOURITE HERE> have really had a huge influence on me. You can play an Erasure track on an acoustic guitar because they work as songs – eg. A Little Respect. But it sounds great with all the production elements thrown in! That was my goal with this project. Songs that can stand on their own, but hopefully have production elements that elevate them. Whether I’ve achieved that is for others to decide.

Anyway, if you’d like to listed you find Level 1 on all the streaming services. Here’s a few direct links.