Last week, I sat down with Caoimhe Barry of Irish trio Wyvern Lingo on the release day of their sophomore album ‘Awake You Lie.’ We spoke about how it’s not a COVID album having mostly been recorded in Berlin in late 2019, but it also kind of is a COVID reflection. We also chatted about musical influences, video games and Caoimhe gave the inside scoop on being on one of Ireland’s most successful indie record labels (RubyWorks).

During the interview, I referenced Jennifer Batten who’s probably most famous for being the guitar god in Michael Jackson’s 80/90s touring band. Caoimhe wasn’t familiar with her stuff, so specifically for her – here’s video of Batten being awesome.

Even on their best days, there’s few guitar gods who can properly play that ‘Beat It’ solo, never mind while also dressed up as a laser-beam-blasting-S&M-robot-tree! The end of the video is only from a few years ago – she’s now 63 and still a badass.

Anyway, if you enjoy the interview, please check out Wyvern Lingo’s new album ‘Awake You Lie’ – maybe even buy it?

An edited version of this interview was broadcast on Beat 102-103 on Sunday 28th February 2021.